Ode to Susan

A fair haired girl
Once came my way
My name is Susan
I heard her say

A thousand curls
Curvaceous smile
Lovely blue grey eyes
Iconoclastic style

Tempest above
Up the hill!
Mist below
A beautiful vista beheld

Turning atop
First wanting to kiss her
My adoration
Bashfully withheld

Languid Sunday mornings
Breakfast omelets potatoes
Cereal beer
And our very most favorite
Jazz brunch

Times we were closest
Sensual feelings
Loving ever so much

Endearing a pastime
Endeavoring to coax
A sigh-like laugh
Of simple things shared most

Quickened my love
As she responded
Perhaps to her

Gazing askance
Her bedroom window
Of late the season
Grew numb

In candle lit darkness
I drew her nearer
Dreamt of spring warmth
Our future undone

I love her the same
Heart and soul
She’d remember
In thoughts of yesteryear

Though the song is through
The dance never ended
My spirit shall ever
Be there

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